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If you have the help of a quality English literature tutor, you may also expand your vocabulary as you add unfamiliar words to your lexicon.

For many students in the greater Phoenix area, studying literature in high school is viewed with dread. Some students do not understand why they should study classic works of literature and poetry, seeing little relevance to their lives. If you dream of attending an elite school or even if you wish to get into a state college or university, it is important that you have a solid grounding in English literature from high school. Students who are struggling with reading and understanding the literary works in their English courses may benefit from getting help from an expert English literature tutor at Going Ivy. Our literature tutors know how to help you unlock these classic works so that you can gain a better understanding of them and achieve high grades in your classes.

How Going Ivy Helps with English Literature Tutoring

Going Ivy is the leading admissions counseling and academic tutoring firm in Phoenix and in Arizona because of our approach and the expertise of our team members. We are graduates of Xavier and Brophy College Prep, and we have also attended and graduated from the world’s leading universities. Our world-class English literature tutors are subject-matter experts who have an unparalleled depth of understanding of the great works of English literature. They also have excellent teaching skills, allowing them to teach you how to analyze poetry and prose so that you can comprehend their meaning. Some of our students have gone from dreading the study of English literature to devouring the classics both in and out of class. By developing a love of English literature, you can reap benefits in college and throughout your life.

The Importance of Strong English Literature Tutoring

Some students who struggle with English literature have trouble understanding the importance of reading such works as “Macbeth,” “Othello,” “Animal Farm” or “A Farewell to Arms.” While you may not immediately identify with the characters in these great works, the study of English literature in high school is very important for multiple reasons. When you are able to place yourself in the circumstances of a character, you gain a better understanding of the impact of different events and choices on people. This helps you use perspective when making decisions and gain more empathy for people who are around you in your own life.

Through your reading of literature, you can gain a better understanding of what people experienced during different times in history as well as how our modern culture developed. Studying literature also helps you to develop the ability to pick out themes and to understand the types of actions that we should try to avoid ourselves. If you have the help of a quality English literature tutor, you may also expand your vocabulary as you add unfamiliar words to your lexicon. This can help you to obtain higher scores on your SAT and ACT while also helping you improve the strength of your college applications. A student who is firmly grounded in literature may have a better understanding of how to handle difficult circumstances and to convey a truer picture of who he or she is in the college application essay.

The Going Ivy Difference with the Study of English Literature

A number of different companies offer English literature tutoring services. It is important that you choose a firm that offers the best quality in order for you to enjoy the greatest benefit. Going Ivy is superior because of a combination of the expertise of our staff and our unique approach. We understand that your grades in your English literature courses in high school are not your end goal but rather steps toward achieving your overriding goal of getting into the college of your dreams. By placing your English literature goals in context, we are able to offer you higher-quality services.

Many companies use the same approach to teaching students English literature concepts. We do not believe that identical English literature tutoring methods are the best option for most students. Our English literature tutors assess all of our literature students in order to determine their starting levels of knowledge, their areas of need, their strengths and their learning styles. With the information that they gather, they are then able to create tailored plans according to your individual needs and characteristics so you can enjoy better outcomes.

Students have their own individual levels of motivation and unique anxieties. We focus on your motivation in order to help you to maintain it at a high level and build confidence when it comes to poetry, essays, huge reading assignments or something else. You are likelier to do your best when you are motivated to learn. Students who are able to maintain high levels of motivation are more engaged in the learning process, which helps them to earn the best grades and test scores.

The English literature tutors understand the importance of flexibility in their scheduling. They are available to meet you where you prefer, including your home, school or somewhere else. You can also choose to receive your literature tutoring services at our conveniently located tutoring center in Phoenix. Going Ivy also offers English literature tutoring via video conferencing with our tutors who are embedded on the campuses of the U.S.’s leading colleges, including such institutions as Yale and Princeton. With this option, you can ask your tutor the questions that you have about what attending an elite college is really like.

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Going Ivy recognizes the importance of choosing the English literature tutor who is best able to help you. Before you make your decision, we offer all of our prospective students free, no-obligation consultations. This allows you to ask us whatever you’d like to know and allows us the ability to learn more about you, your goals and your needs. Call us today to learn more about how we can help and to schedule your appointment.

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