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Going Ivy has world-class geometry tutors who are subject-matter experts and who understand how to inspire their students.

As a Phoenix-area high school student with dreams of attending college, taking geometry is important for improving your understanding of math as well as for gaining admission into the university or college of your choice. Many students dread geometry and its ugly proofs. While it may seem like a difficult topic, it is important because it connects many different areas of math conceptually. When you get help from a geometry tutor at Going Ivy, you can master the subject matter while also gaining an understanding of its importance in your life.

How Going Ivy Helps with Geometry Tutoring

The team members at Going Ivy are graduates of Brophy and Xavier Prep, and we have also graduated from the most elite colleges and universities in the nation. We have the best geometry tutors in the academic tutoring and counseling industry. Our tutors are top math scholars who have keen insight into how to communicate complex geometry concepts to students in ways that are easily digestible. This can help you to master each concept as you progress, and you may even find that you gain an enjoyment of geometry as you learn.

Why Geometry is Important

When you are completing proofs in your geometry class, you may wonder why students have to learn it. Geometry is important for multiple reasons. When you are able to analyze two- and three-dimensional shapes and their relationships, you are able to apply this type of knowledge to many different fields. Architects, computer programmers and engineers all use geometric concepts in their work. Geometry also is interconnected with multiple other math fields. For instance, shapes that are plotted on coordinate grids may be described with algebraic expressions. If nothing else, many high schools also require that students take geometry before they can take algebra II, so passing is necessary to move on.

Taking geometry is important for you if you want to go to college, and it is especially important if you want to attend a highly selective school, Ivy League or otherwise. Most colleges want to see that applicants have taken at least three years of high school math, and highly selective colleges and universities prefer that students take four years of rigorous math courses, including geometry. Geometry is also tested on the ACT and SAT, so taking it is important for obtaining higher scores on your standardized tests. With a great geometry tutor, you can master geometry and get the best grades possible in your class.

The Going Ivy Difference with Geometry Tutoring

There are several reasons to choose Going Ivy for geometry tutoring: We have world-class geometry tutors who are subject-matter experts and who understand how to inspire their students. In addition to possessing a mastery of geometry, our tutors also have exceptional communication and teaching skills. This allows them to explain difficult concepts in easily understandable ways so that you do not fall behind in your class. Our tutors use one-on-one teaching methods so that they can tailor their instruction to your individual needs. As you begin to understand concepts with tutoring, you’ll be motivated to keep working to improve.

Unlike many of our competitors, Going Ivy recognizes that a one-size-fits-all approach simply does not work well for many students. We start by conducting an assessment of your baseline level of knowledge, your unique learning style, your strengths and your needs. Our geometry tutors then design their lesson plans to address the needs that you have while also building on your strengths. Our approach is driven by results and is holistic in nature because we recognize that getting into college involves much more than obtaining an A in your geometry class. We help you to understand all of the steps in the college admissions process so that you can obtain great grades, high test scores and get into the college that is the best fit for you and your goals.

Going Ivy is focused on helping students to gain the confidence and motivation that is needed to conquer their classes and to achieve their goals. We also recognize that many students are very busy, trying to juggle jobs, studies, test preparation, extracurriculars and volunteer activities. It may seem difficult for you to carve out additional time to devote to geometry. Our geometry tutors are flexible and make their services as convenient as possible. We can meet your at your home, or anywhere else that is convenient to you, including our Phoenix headquarters tutoring center for individualized instruction. Finally, we have tutors who are currently attending such schools as Princeton and Yale available to teach geometry to you through live video conferencing from their campuses. This gives you the added benefit of being able to peer into the world of attending elite institutions.

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Going Ivy is available to answer your questions at any time of the day or night via text message, email or phone call. We recognize the importance of choosing the right geometry tutor, and we offer no-obligation, free consultations to our prospective students. Our tutors care about each of our students and are dedicated to helping you to achieve your personal best. To learn more about how we can help you, call us today to schedule your appointment and learn more about the services that we can offer to you. We believe in the innate potential that all students have to succeed, and we look forward to helping you toward accomplishing your goals.

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