Science Tutoring

Science Tutoring

With tutors who hold PhDs in biochemistry and other areas of advanced science, Going Ivy can help you not only master the material from any of your science classes. Our unique approach also brings you confidence when conquering science on your standardized tests or in class.

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We work with Ivy League and top school tutors.

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Our tutors work to ignite the spark of passion and drive within students for success in the subject and beyond.

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Our holistic, personalized approach is created with one goal in mind: getting the best results possible.

Science Subjects

Some students are intimidated by science and have not had a great experience learning it in the classroom. Others are gifted science students who need review and confidence going into SAT subject tests or advanced-level exams. Going Ivy tutors work with these students and everyone in between to improve grades, motivation and focus on arriving at the highest results.

Science Tutors in Phoenix, AZ

Going Ivy can help you with your science classes whether you need remedial help or you are a gifted student who wants to gain deeper knowledge.

Studying science in high school is very important for Phoenix students in public, private and charter high schools. The number and type of science classes that you take during your high school years may help you to achieve better grades in other subjects, score higher on your standardized tests, help you to gain admission into your top-choice schools, and serve you well in your career and adulthood. Science subjects are notoriously difficult, leading many students to dread them and feel frustrated when they have trouble with the concepts. If you are having difficulty, getting help from a highly experienced and knowledgeable tutor may make the difference in your science classes and for your future goals.

Going Ivy is made up of professional academic counselors and expert tutors who are able to prepare you for the college admissions process. When you get help from a science tutor with Going Ivy, you will be working with a subject-matter expert with substantial knowledge in the scientific disciplines. Our world-class tutors are among the top minds in the field and include current Ivy League students and recognized scholars. We can help you with your science classes whether you need remedial help or you are a gifted student who wants to gain a deeper knowledge of the sciences. We offer science tutoring in the following topic areas:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Anatomy
  • AP science classes and tests
  • Other science classes

The Importance of Quality Science Tutoring

According to Nobel Laureate Dr. Carl Wieman, the study of science has become increasingly important as global issues have arisen that require technical answers. Studying science involves a new way of thinking and applying what has been proven, and it is more than just simply memorizing a body of information. Science involves understanding the questions to ask, forming appropriate hypotheses, testing those hypotheses and determining the answers. When you do this, you will then likely come up with additional questions. With this logical approach to problems and issues, you are better equipped to test information that you encounter so that you can analyze it critically. Science helps you to investigate the environment and the world around you while coming up with innovative ways to solve some of the major problems facing the world today.

In addition to helping you develop your critical thinking and analytical thinking skills, the science classes that you take have a large impact on your college admissions process. The College Board reports that most four-year colleges require that students take at least three years worth of laboratory science classes during high school, and highly selective schools want to see four years of these classes. If your goal is to gain admission into an Ivy League or other top school, you will also need to take the most rigorous science courses available to you and get good grades in them. Ivy League schools like to see that students have taken AP or IB versions of their science classes and have also passed their AP exams with top scores. Because of the way that science forces you to think, its study may also help you improve your analytical thinking skills, which may aid you when you’re taking your standardized tests. While you may struggle with the material, getting help from an experienced tutor who has a deep understanding of your science topics can help you to break the material down into digestible chunks so you can learn and build on the concepts as you encounter them.

The Going Ivy Difference

There are many tutoring companies, but Going Ivy’s unique, results-driven and focused approach makes us the leaders of the industry. We have world-class tutors, including students who are currently attending Ivy League and other elite schools and the top scholars of today. Our science tutors focus on learning your unique needs as a student and then implement techniques that are specifically geared to you. We believe that every student has the necessary potential to achieve their personal best, but some students need a little extra help with motivation. We are focused on helping you to feel motivated to reach your goals, and our tutors work with you in such a way that you will feel engaged and inspired to learn the material. We have helped some students in the past to learn to love science classes that they previously dreaded.

We make our science tutoring convenient and accessible for you. You can choose to meet with our tutors in person at a location near your home or school or at our tutoring center. Some students choose to get tutoring via video conferencing with one of the nation’s leading science scholars who are at the top colleges, including Princeton, Harvard and Stanford. We are available to take your calls or respond to your emails or texts 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

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