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In addition to being fluent Spanish speakers, Going Ivy Spanish tutors have excellent teaching skills and are able to adapt their instructional methods according to your learning style.

Learning Spanish in high school may offer you multiple benefits. Spanish is the second-most commonly spoken language in the world behind Chinese, and it is spoken by more people in the world than English. In Phoenix, 30.2 percent of the population speaks Spanish at home. Learning Spanish can help you to communicate with a greater number of people both in Arizona and elsewhere. When you take it in high school and do well in your classes, learning Spanish can also help you on your college applications. But many students struggle in their high school Spanish courses. If you are having trouble with the material, a highly skilled Spanish tutor at Going Ivy can help you master it and get excellent grades in your Spanish classes.

How Going Ivy Can Help with Spanish Tutoring

At Going Ivy, we have world-class Spanish tutors on our team of experts. Our full-serve academic counseling and tutoring company is comprised of graduates of Xavier Prep, Brophy Prep and the nation’s leading colleges. In addition to being fluent Spanish speakers, our Spanish tutors have excellent teaching skills and are able to adapt their instructional methods according to your learning style. They can communicate the information to you in a way that makes it easier to understand, remember and increase your speed. With the help of our Spanish tutoring services, you can gain a control of the material in your Spanish classes and earn the best grades.

The Importance of Strong Spanish Tutoring

Learning a second language and gaining fluency in it has been shown to improve your overall cognitive abilities. Becoming bilingual in Spanish and English can also expand your horizons beyond college. Many businesses, including those with operations in Phoenix, prefer applicants who are fluent in Spanish and English, and bilingual individuals may also command higher salaries.

If you want to improve your application chances, especially at the most selective schools, you should plan to take increasingly difficult classes in Spanish during each year of high school. If your school offers them, taking AP Spanish classes can help your application to stand out even more. Students who take second languages have also been shown to obtain higher standardized test scores because studying a foreign language like Spanish also helps students to understand the structure of the English language better as well.

The Going Ivy Difference with Learning Spanish

Spanish tutors abound. Going Ivy is an industry leader with Spanish tutoring because of how we approach our students and the methods that we use. We are results-driven, holistic and focused on motivation. We recognize that students do not learn the best from one-size-fits-all teaching methods. Instead, we conduct thorough assessments to identify your strengths, areas of need, learning style and personal attributes so that our Spanish tutors can create individualized lesson plans that are tailored to meet your individual needs.

We have the best Spanish tutors in the industry. They are adept communicators and work closely with their students to help accelerate the learning process. Our Spanish tutoring services are conducted one-on-one instead of in classrooms full of students who are all at different levels. This helps you to pick up Spanish much faster so that you can stay ahead of your class material. We view your grades in your Spanish class as small pieces of the larger puzzle of gaining admission into the college of your choice.

Today’s students in high school are busier than ever. You may be dividing your time between your studies, job, extracurriculars, family responsibilities and volunteer work. While you may be worried that you won’t have enough extra time to devote to studying Spanish, we can help. When you work with Going Ivy, you can learn some strong organizational and motivational skills that can assist you with time management. Our Spanish tutoring services are convenient, and our Spanish tutors are flexible. You may choose between several different one-on-one Spanish tutoring options. We have tutors who are able to meet you in your home, at your school or elsewhere. You can also simply come into our academic counseling and tutoring Phoenix headquarters for your Spanish tutoring sessions. Some students prefer to be tutored in Spanish by live video conference with the tutors who are embedded on the campuses of such colleges as Princeton, Yale and Harvard. With this option, you have the added benefit of being able to see a little of life on the campus of an elite college. Finally, if you have questions that arise, we are able to answer them by phone, email or text message 24 hours per day, seven days per week. With Going Ivy, you will discover that your questions and understanding are our priority.

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The choice of a Spanish tutor is important. When you choose the right tutor, your Spanish learning can be accelerated as you gain confidence in your speaking and reading abilities. Going Ivy wants prospective students to have all of the information that they need to make informed decisions. We offer free initial consultations to all of our prospective students, allowing you to get the answers to your important questions. To learn more about Spanish tutoring and the other services that we offer at Going Ivy, call us today to schedule your no-obligation and free consultation.

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