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If you’ve progressed to calculus while still in high school, congratulations! You’ve already set yourself apart from your classmates and many soon-to-be college applicants by getting to this advanced class. But calculus can be notoriously challenging even for gifted math scholars, and elite colleges and universities want to see top grades. To stand out, you may need to get help from a qualified tutor so that you can obtain the best grade possible.

How Going Ivy Can Help with Calculus Tutoring

Going Ivy helps students from across the Valley who are attending public, private and charter high schools with gaining admission into their dream colleges. We are graduates of Xavier and Brophy College Prep, and we have insider knowledge of how difficult it is to get into elite colleges. We are graduates of the top schools in the U.S. and the world, including the schools of the Ivy League. Our team includes world-class tutors in addition to former admissions officers and admissions consultants. Our calculus tutors have extensive knowledge of advanced math and are able to communicate complex concepts to you in an understandable and accessible way. We have helped scores of students to obtain great grades in their calculus classes and on their AP Calculus exams from high schools across Phoenix and Arizona.

The Importance of Calculus Tutoring

Calculus courses used to be left until college, but that has changed in the past couple of decades. Many high schools today have expanded their math course offerings to include calculus, and a large number of the best students take it. Calculus is important for a couple of reasons. If you are planning on majoring in math, engineering, biology, chemistry or physics in college, you will need to take at least one class in calculus. Some highly selective schools strongly prefer that you take calculus in high school. If your dream college recommends that high school students take calculus, you should treat the recommendation as a requirement and strive to obtain the highest grade in it that you can.

Taking calculus in high school during your senior year also demonstrates to admissions committees that you opted for highly rigorous courses that have you prepared you well for the high-level courses that you will take in college. If you excel in math, opting for AP calculus in high school can help you stand out. If you choose to attend a liberal arts school, passing AP calculus may also give you college credit, allowing you to be placed in more advanced courses when you start college.

Calculus represents a different type of mathematical thinking and helps you to understand the world in which you live. The logical and analytical thinking skills required for doing well in calculus will also serve you well on your standardized tests. The newly redesigned SAT includes some pre-calculus questions on its math section. In addition, the type of critical thinking involved in calculus will also help you to answer questions across the subtests. If you are struggling with your calculus material, it is important for you to get help from a highly skilled calculus tutor to improve your chances of obtaining the best grades possible.

The Going Ivy Difference with Calculus Classes

While there are numerous tutors who advertise their services and companies that offer their help, Going Ivy is the industry leader because of the quality of our team members. We use a holistic approach to helping our students and are focused on your results. Our world-class tutors are the top scholars in their fields. Our calculus tutoring process starts with a thorough assessment of you and your math skills. This lets our calculus tutors understand your learning style, your foundational level, your strengths and your needs. Using this information, your tutor will design a tailored lesson plan that is specific to your needs.

We work one-on-one with our students instead of relying on classroom-style instruction methods. One of the issues that some students have with learning calculus in the classroom at their schools is that the teachers must teach classrooms full of students who all have their own learning styles. This may leave you falling behind if the method that is used is not one that works with your unique style.

Our tutors are flexible and convenient. We offer in-person tutoring at your chosen location or at our academic tutoring center in Phoenix. Some students opt to receive their calculus tutoring services via video conferencing. With this option, you can be tutored in calculus from our tutors who are currently attending the top colleges in the world, including such institutions as Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Stanford. This may allow you to learn more about what it is like to attend an elite college while also mastering the difficult concepts involved in the study of calculus.

Our tutors care about your success and are invested in you. Because we understand that questions may arise in between your sessions, we are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week to answer your questions via phone calls, text messages and emails.

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The team at Going Ivy is dedicated to your success, and our tutors take the time to assess your individual foundational level before designing a comprehensive lesson plan to help you score the best grades possible in your calculus class and on your calculus exams. We offer no-obligation, free consultations so you can learn more about us and so we can also learn more about your needs and goals. Contact us today to get started and to learn more about the services that we can offer you.

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