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A strong foundation of U.S. history is necessary for your success in your other history classes in high school and in college.

U.S. history is a required course in Phoenix-area high schools for graduation. If you want to attend college, you will want to do well in your U.S. history class so that you can increase your chances of gaining admission. Some students struggle with their U.S. history classes and need help to improve their grades in their classes. If you are having trouble with your U.S. history class, you may want to get help from the expert U.S. history tutors at Going Ivy.

How Going Ivy Can Help with U.S. History Tutoring

At Going Ivy, we are a team of professionals who have graduated from Xavier and Brophy College Prep and then the best universities and colleges in the country, including the colleges of the Ivy League. Our U.S. history tutors are subject-matter experts who are also excellent teachers and communicators. They are able to bring the subject to life and help you appreciate the complex events that make up our nation’s history and place in the world. Our U.S. history tutors work with students from all backgrounds who are attending public, private and charter high schools throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area as well as across the state.

The Importance of Top Quality U.S. History Tutoring

Taking U.S. history in high school is necessary for graduation purposes. Colleges also want to see that students have taken a full year of U.S. history, according to the College Board. Some students have trouble with understanding the relevance of studying the past or why certain teacher emphasize certain events. When you study U.S. history, you can gain an understanding of how our current culture developed as well as the types of events that we should work to avoid.

According to the American Historical Association, studying history helps us to develop a deeper moral understanding of the world we live in and its people. U.S. history can help to guide your decisions and to make better choices when you interact with others. A strong foundation of U.S. history is also necessary for your success in your other history classes in high school and college. Your studies may also help you obtain higher scores on your ACT and SAT, with reading passages detailing historic events. If you take AP history in high school and earn an A in it, you may also stand out on your college applications and strengthen your chances of gaining admission into the school of your dreams. Working with an expert U.S. history tutor at Going Ivy may help you to grasp the concepts and to understand what you are studying in the context of its time as well as how it applies today.

The Going Ivy Difference with Learning U.S. History

While there are many companies and individuals who offer to tutor students in U.S. history, Going Ivy is the best choice for multiple reasons. We use an approach that is industry-leading and results-driven in order to offer our students the most help from Day 1. Our competitors often use the same approaches for all of the students they tutor in U.S. history. We have learned that students do the best when they receive tailored instruction according to their individualized needs rather than a one-size-fits-all lesson plan.

When you work with a world-class U.S. history tutor at Going Ivy, he or she will start by conducting a thorough assessment of you. This assessment is meant to help your U.S. history tutor learn about your needs, strengths, starting point, writing abilities and learning style. After gathering this information about you, your U.S. history tutor will then design a lesson plan that is tailored according to your needs and your personal attributes. Tailored plans can help you to accelerate your grasp of the material so that you can enjoy fast improvements in your grades.

We approach U.S. history tutoring with a focus on your motivation. Many students lose their drive to achieve their goals as the years of high school pass. Other students are simply less motivated by seemingly irrelevant classes. We help you to ignite your internal drive to achieve so that your motivational level will increase. When you become more motivated, you will be more engaged in your classes. This helps you achieve higher grades and better test scores than you might otherwise earn.

Our U.S. history tutors understand that many students feel overwhelmed by the demands of their schedules. You may be concerned that you simply won’t have any additional time to devote to studying U.S. history. We can help you with your time-management skills so that you will find that you have more time than you previously believed. This can also help you in other areas of your life in your classes and activities beyond your U.S. history class. Our tutors also are flexible and work to make their services convenient for you. You can be tutored in U.S. history at our academic tutoring center if you wish. You can alternatively choose to receive your U.S. history tutoring help in your home, at your school or wherever you wish. We also have remote tutors who are currently attending the world’s top colleges, including the Ivy League schools. These U.S. history tutors can help you via video conferencing sessions, allowing you to receive help from anywhere while also learning more about what attending a top college is really like.

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Going Ivy recognizes that choosing the right U.S. history tutor is important for your ultimate outcomes. We offer no-obligation, free initial consultations to aid you in making your decision. You will be able to gather all of the information that you need by asking us questions during your appointment. We will also take the time to question you so that we can gain some insight into your goals, needs and strengths. Call Going Ivy today to schedule your appointment so that you can learn more about how we can help with your U.S. history classes as well as your other academic goals.

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