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Poor English, grammar and writing skills are simply not going to be acceptable in college. Correcting weaknesses in English while students are in high school will not only help improve English grades, but also any other courses that feature essays and analysis, in your standardized tests, and for your college applications.

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At Going Ivy, it is our firm belief that everyone can be a better writer and English student. The rules of grammar are not always a focus in the classroom, and a motivating tutor can give you fast results in your knowledge and usage of the rules of English. For literature scholars and those students who need to analyze poetry, prose and other forms of writing in a thoughtful and critical way, a great tutor can push you to express your unique ideas and impressions in a way that will show skill and talent.

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Strong English language, reading and writing skills are vital regardless of what field you might want to go into as an adult.

Getting good grades in your English courses in high school is an important detail on your transcript that college admissions officers inspect. If you are aiming to be admitted to a highly competitive college or university, your English grades must be top-notch and your curriculum must be rigorous, containing AP or IB English courses if they are offered at your high school. If you struggle with your English courses, you may want to get help from an expert tutor at Going Ivy. We help students from any public, private or charter high school in the greater Phoenix area with their tutoring and college preparation needs.

Why Choose Going Ivy for English Tutoring?

Graduates of Xavier Prep and Brophy Prep, the Going Ivy team members are also graduates of the most elite colleges in the U.S., including the colleges of the Ivy League. Our tutors are simply the best available in the industry. Subject-matter experts, our English tutors are able to help you with the following classes:

  • Core English classes
  • Writing
  • Literature
  • AP English classes

Whether English is your second language and you need to strengthen your English language skills, or you simply need to improve your English course grades, our tutors can help.

Why English Courses Are Important

English courses in high school are dreaded by many students, yet they are extremely important. Many of the classics that are taught and read in high school English classes contain complex themes that demonstrate the frailties of existence and help to prepare students for real life. Beyond the literature courses, the English grammar classes are vital. Some college professors bemoan having classes of incoming freshmen who are unable to follow the simple rules of grammar, develop thesis statements or organize papers because of the inadequacy of their English educations. Strong English language, reading and writing skills are vital regardless of what field you might want to go into as an adult. You will need to be able to understand how to convey your ideas clearly and without error in order to make the best impression and potentially secure advancement in your future job.

The College Board reports that all colleges want to see that students have taken English classes during each year of high school. If you want to get into a highly selective school, experts recommend that you take the most rigorous courses available in English subjects, including AP English or IB classes if they are offered. Yale underscores this on its website, stating that the school wants to see a rigorous curriculum on applicants’ academic transcripts when they are making admissions decisions.

Getting tutoring in English classes may help you with improving your standardized test scores on the PSAT, ACT or SAT. Each of these tests contains an English section, and the ACT and SAT also contain optional essays. Both the SAT and ACT include reading sections, which test your ability to read passages critically in order to determine what the writers are saying. When you have a strong foundation in your high school English and literature courses, your scores on these tests should reflect the work that you have done, allowing you to achieve higher subtest and overall scores. If you are a second-language learner of English, it is vital that you work to improve your English knowledge and scores if you want to gain admission to a U.S. school.

The Going Ivy Difference with Tutoring in English

There are thousands of books for sale and tutors advertising their services for English topics. National college preparation and tutoring chains exist as well. The reason why you should choose Going Ivy over these others is that we are the industry leaders for several reasons. Our results-driven approach to English tutoring and college preparation makes us stand above the rest.

Our English tutors are world-class teachers who have excellent teaching and communication skills. This helps them to convey difficult information to you in a way that makes it easier to comprehend and to retain. Our tutors recognize that students often know the point they want to make in an essay or paper, but they don’t always know how to organize or put their thoughts to paper. Students also vary in the amount of motivation that they have, but Going Ivy are able to help students to ignite their inner drives to succeed and become engaged in the learning process.

We begin by conducting an in-depth interview with our students so that we can better understand their starting points, their abilities and strengths, and their areas of need. Our tutors take this information to create individualized lesson plans that are designed to provide you with the greatest levels of improvement. Instead of making you meet in large classes of students, we offer one-on-one instruction so that you are not left waiting for others to catch up to where you are during your tutoring time. The tutors at Going Ivy care about each one of their students and are dedicated professionals who are invested in their students’ successes.

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