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Students who show the greatest improvements on their ACT are those who take practice tests, identify their weaknesses and then work to improve in those specific areas.

If you dream of getting accepted to a top U.S. college, you will need to choose between the ACT and the SAT for college admissions. For either test you choose, you shouldn’t take it unless you are prepared and have studied not only the composition of the test, but the pace of it and the typical test questions. Many students make the mistake of going in to take the ACT without first preparing. If you do this, you risk getting a lower score that might place your dream school out of your reach. The ACT is a faster-paced test than the other standardized tests you may have experience with, and certain strategies can and should come into play to do well. By preparing adequately and getting the help of an expert ACT tutor at Going Ivy, you may secure a better score so that you are able to present stronger applications for the schools of your dreams.

Why Choose Going Ivy for ACT Tutoring?

Going Ivy is a team of world-class tutors and educational and admissions experts who are graduates of Xavier and Brophy College Prep, and the nation’s leading colleges. We have helped numerous students from high schools throughout Phoenix to secure top scores on their ACTs and admission to the nation’s most elite institutions, including Harvard. Our tutors have all scored in the top percentiles of the ACT or SAT and understand the material and types of questions that you might expect. When you choose an ACT tutor at Going Ivy, you will have the benefit of an educational partner who is a top scholar and who also has great communication skills, allowing him or her to easily communicate the strategies of the test and how to boost your score in a way that is understandable. This can help motivate you to practice more and turn your weaker areas into strengths on your test.

Why ACT Tutoring is Important

Your ACT score is one of the biggest factors that college admissions committees consider when they are trying to decide whether or not to accept your application. In fact, colleges are relying more on standardized test scores than ever because of the greatly increasing numbers of college applications. In spite of this, many students simply don’t prioritize their preparation for the tests. Test preparation and tutoring have been shown to have significant positive impacts on the standardized test scores. Students who show the greatest improvements are those who take practice tests, identify their weaknesses and then work to improve in those specific areas. Students who fail to take the ACT seriously enough may end up with much lower scores than they might have otherwise been able to obtain, limiting their college choices.

At Going Ivy, we do not view your ACT test score as a single goal floating by itself on an island. Instead, our tutors recognize that your ACT score is a single milestone on your path to gaining admission into your best-fit school as well as a step toward reaching your future career goals post-college. By getting a better score, you may be able to gain admission into a better college that will carry more weight in the eyes of future employers. Schools also want to attract students with higher ACT or SAT scores because it helps to improve their rankings. When you combine a top ACT score together with excellent grades, you may improve your chances by having a much stronger application than your competitors.

The Going Ivy Difference: How We Can Help

At Going Ivy, our ACT tutors take a different approach than our competitors do. Instead of large ACT preparation classes filled with students, we use a one-on-one results-driven approach that is tailored to you and your individual needs. We have found that students do not garner significant score improvements when they try tutoring in a large-group environment. Our ACT tutors instead help you with your test preparation by conducting an in-depth analysis of your personality, learning style, and weaknesses and strengths when it comes to testing. They then develop focused lesson plans that are designed to give you the greatest improvements in your comprehension of the material as well as your score.

Our tutors are the best in the industry. They are world-class scholars who have a great command of the material and stay up-to-date on all the changes within the test and strategies that work for each individual student. They understand the test-taking strategies that can help you to gain higher scores when you take your ACT. Your ACT tutor will work closely with you, working as a coach who will propel you forward instead of dragging you along toward your goal. By focusing on igniting your personal motivation to succeed, we can make the process enjoyable.

We are conscious of the fact that high school students juggle numerous responsibilities and have little time. We are thus very flexible with scheduling your tutoring and admissions counseling sessions. Our ACT tutors are able to meet you at a location that is convenient for you, or you can choose to go to our Phoenix headquarters tutoring center for help. We also have tutors who are current students at such schools as Harvard and Princeton who are available to tutor you via video conferencing from their campuses. This allows you to enjoy the added benefit of getting an insider view of life on an elite campus. Every one of our ACT tutors cares about you and helping you to succeed on the test and beyond.

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Call Going Ivy today to schedule your initial appointment. We offer free, no-obligation consultations so that we can get to know you and your needs better. We are available to answer your texts, emails and phone calls 24 hours per day, seven days per week. With the help of your ACT tutor at Going Ivy, you have the ability to attain a high score so that your dream school may be within your reach. Call us today so that we can help you to get started on your test preparation and college admissions journey.

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