Math Tutoring

Math Tutoring

Struggling with math is common for students of all ages. Falling behind in high school can lead some students to think they should just opt to drop any additional math. We know that excelling in math will help open so many opportunities in college and beyond. Reaching out for help with an excellent math tutor can keep those opportunities open.

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Our tutors work to ignite the spark of passion and drive within students for success in the subject and beyond.

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Our holistic, personalized approach is created with one goal in mind: getting the best results possible.

Math Subjects

If the thought of your math class, homework or a test deflates all your confidence, a tutor has the power to turn that around. As math gets more and more advanced, it is common for students who once loved finding the perfect solutions of math to feel frustrated and confused as to how to get at that one answer. We can get that spark back in our students, motivating them to use their formulas, problem-solving logic and easy-to-apply routines to improve their math grades.

Math Tutors in Phoenix, AZ

A great tutor can help you catch up if you have fallen behind and can propel you forward if you want to accelerate and deepen your math learning.

Math is one of the most maligned study areas among high school students with many not understanding why they even need to learn it. The likelihood of your attending college greatly increases with the more math you take, and most universities require that you take a number of math courses in order to gain admission. In addition, having a good foundation in math can help you no matter what career path you might take because it involves developing strong analytical and logic skills that are important for everything.

The team of expert tutors at Going Ivy is available to help students throughout Phoenix with their math tutoring needs. Whether you are struggling with understanding basic math concepts or are a highly gifted student who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the material, we can help. Our tutors are subject-matter experts with excellent teaching and communication skills. They work with you where you’re in most need so that you are better able to learn, retain and understand the important math concepts. We can offer you the tips that you will need so that your learning and academic achievement in your math classes will accelerate.

Our industry-leading math tutors are able to help you with a broad variety of math courses, including the following:

  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Pre-calculus
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Statistics
  • AP math classes
  • Elementary math

We can help you to conquer even the most difficult courses and help you to gain a true love for math instead of dreading it.

The Importance of Quality Math Tutoring

Good math tutoring should be focused on much more than achieving a good grade on one test or in one class. Your grades and scores do not exist by themselves on islands. Instead, they are stepping stones toward your future, allowing you to increase your chances of getting accepted into college and having a brighter future. If you seek out the help of a subject-matter expert, you may gain a deeper level of understanding about the underlying concepts involved with your math courses, which can help to set you on a path to gaining more academic successes in your other classes. A great tutor can help you to catch up if you have fallen behind and can propel you forward if you are already a good student but want to accelerate and deepen your math learning.

How Math Can Affect Your College Admissions Process

According to the College Board, a majority of colleges require that students take at least three years of math in high school, and the most selective colleges look for rigorous classes and want to see that you’ve taken four years of math classes. The classes that colleges look for include algebra I and II, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and statistics. While you won’t necessarily be expected to take all of these courses, your target college will want to see that you have taken at least three or four years of them.

Selective institutions such as those in the Ivy League will also look at whether you took more rigorous classes in your math subject areas such as advanced placement or international baccalaureate options. If you haven’t taken enough math classes or have taken the easiest ones that you have available to you, you may risk a denial of your application to your top-choice university. Your grades in your math classes are also very important to admissions committees, making quality tutoring vital for your ultimate success.

How a Solid Foundation in Math Impacts Your Standardized Tests and Future

Getting a strong foundation in math can help you on your standardized tests in more ways than simply helping you to score higher on the math sections. This is because the other sections of the standardized tests require you to use strong critical thinking and analytical reasoning to solve the problems. Keith Devlin, the executive director of the Human Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research Institute at Stanford University, says that mathematical thinking involves creatively solving problems. When you develop a strong foundation in math concepts and subjects, it should thus help you to improve your scores on all of your SAT and ACT sections because of the improved ability to analyze what you are being asked and identify the correct approach to reaching solutions.

The Center for Public Education has found that students who take math courses through pre-calculus or calculus are 10 to 20 percent likelier to stay on track during college as they work toward graduation. A strong math foundation can also affect you throughout your life beyond college. In addition to helping increase your likelihood of attending college, graduating from college and earning a better income, a strong foundation in math may help you with problem-solving skills in a variety of everyday tasks.

The Going Ivy Difference

The team at Going Ivy is made up of a group of expert educational counselors, former admissions officers and tutors who are dedicated to helping students realize their greatest potentials. We use a results-driven, holistic approach that leads the industry in its innovation. Our tutors are world-class experts and include current students at Ivy League schools and top math minds.

While our competitors primarily use a one-size-fits-all approach to tutoring, we customize and tailor our programs to build on your strengths while helping you to gain improvements in your weaker areas. We begin by taking the time to get to know who you are and what your unique learning needs might be. We then employ teaching strategies that are specific to your learning style and your needs. We believe that every student has his or her own internal motivation, and we work to trigger yours.

We understand that good math tutoring involves much more than meeting a few times. Often, questions come up as you are studying. To help you, we are happy to answer your calls, texts and emails 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can meet our tutors in person at our tutoring center, or we are happy to meet you somewhere close to your school or house. We also offer tutoring services via video conferencing. When you choose to receive tutoring from one of our tutors who is embedded at the nation’s most exclusive schools, you will have the added benefit of seeing a small slice of what life is like when attending an elite college.

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