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Going Ivy French tutoring instruction will be one-on-one, and you will have the opportunity to begin at your current level and go at the pace you need.

When you choose to study French in high school, you can open up a new world and culture to explore. French is a beautiful language, but it is also very difficult for many Phoenix-area high school students to learn. If you are having trouble with your French class, you might benefit by getting help from an expert French tutor at Going Ivy. With our French tutoring services, you may earn the best grades possible in your French classes.

How Going Ivy Can Help with French Tutoring

At Going Ivy, we are graduates of Xavier College Prep, Brophy College Prep and the country’s leading colleges, including Harvard. Our team includes former admissions officers, expert academic counselors, top educational consultants and world-class tutors. Our French tutors are bilingual and excellent instructors. They understand how to tailor their lesson plans according to your individual needs and to communicate with you in such a way that you will be able to learn and remember the information. Our French tutors have inspired a love of French in many of our students and are dedicated to both you and the language.

The Importance of High-Quality French Tutoring

Numerous studies have found a strong positive correlation between learning a foreign language like French and scoring higher on standardized college admissions tests, including the ACT and SAT. According to Alaine Phillipe-Durand, the dean of the college of humanities and a French professor at the University of Arizona, French is spoken on every continent and is the second-most used language on the internet. When you learn French, you learn a lot about the culture of France, its place in history, its gastronomy, fashion and all of the things that make the country a culturally enriching and unique place.

Studying French in high school may also help you to gain admission into college. The College Board reports that most colleges prefer that high school students take a foreign language for at least two years and that some schools prefer that students take more, so staying motivated to commit to your foreign language, even through struggles, is important. Harvard recommends that students take four years of one foreign language in high school. When you take French during all four years of your high school, you may strengthen your application and make it likelier for you to gain admission into the college of your choice as long as you excel in it. The French tutors at Going Ivy can help.

The Going Ivy Difference: Learning French

Learning French is difficult, especially if you have not been immersed in it or had other opportunities to meet French speakers. If you are struggling, you likely have found that there are many online language programs and books available. There are also scores of French tutors and companies that advertise French tutoring services. Going Ivy is the premier firm for French tutoring, however. Our French tutors are simply the best available, and our approach to teaching French makes us stand apart. Many companies and individuals use identical teaching methods with all of their students. Going Ivy understands that students learn in different ways, and our French tutors individualize their instructional methods according to your unique base level of knowledge, needs, strengths and learning style. Your French instruction will be one-on-one, and you will have the opportunity to begin where you need and not be held back by students who are not up to your current level.

Our French tutors recognize that every student has his or her own individual level of motivation. It is common for high school students to feel less motivated as they progress through their high school years. We are focused on helping you to maintain high levels of motivation so that you can achieve your goals. When you are motivated to learn, you will be more engaged and excited about your French classes, helping you to earn high grades and great test scores.

We make our French tutoring services convenient for you. Our on-the-ground French tutors are able to meet you at the location of your choosing, including in your home or elsewhere. You can also simply come to our convenient tutoring center at our Phoenix headquarters for your French lessons. We also offer students the option of being tutored in French by video conferences with embedded French tutors who are currently on the campuses of the country’s elite colleges, including Princeton, Stanford and Yale. This option allows you to learn a little more about what attending school at an exclusive institution is like. We know that our students sometimes have questions come up when they are not meeting with their French tutors. We are able to take your calls, texts and emails 24 hours per day and seven days per week. Our French tutors truly care about all of our students and want to see you reach your goals.

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Going Ivy helps prospective students to decide about their French tutoring needs by offering no-obligation, free consultations. You can get the answers to the questions you have. During your meeting, we will likewise ask you a number of questions. Our questions are not a test. We simply want to gain a perspective about you, what you need, your strengths and your learning style. If you decide to retain us, the information that we glean during your consultation will help our French tutors design your tailored lesson plan in a way that will best help you accelerate your French-learning process. Call Going Ivy today to schedule your consultation and learn more about the services that we offer.

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