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If you take trigonometry and obtain an A in it, it will show the admissions officers who are reviewing your applications that you are prepared for the level of work that you can expect in college.

Many students in Phoenix-area public, private and charter high schools find that trigonometry is difficult for them. If you want to attend college and would like to be admitted into one of the most elite, taking trigonometry and obtaining great grades in it will be important to the success of your college applications. If you are struggling with your trigonometry class, it is important that you get help. The world-class trigonometry tutors at Going Ivy can help you to bridge the knowledge gap so that you can get the best grades possible in trigonometry while building the foundation for your future math courses.

How Going Ivy Can Help with Trigonometry Tutoring

Going Ivy’s team understands the struggles that are common for students to have with trigonometry. Graduates of Xavier and Brophy College Prep, our team members have attended the best schools in the U.S., including Harvard. Our trigonometry tutors have deep levels of knowledge about trigonometry, and they have great communication skills. This helps them to explain complex subjects to you in such a way that the concepts are easy to understand and apply. Your Going Ivy tutor can help you to learn the concepts of trigonometry so that you can have a strong foundation that will serve you well in more difficult classes such as pre-calculus and calculus that you’ll take in the future.

Why Trigonometry is Important

Taking and mastering trigonometry is important to you for several reasons. Trig concepts are tested on the ACT and the SAT, the standardized tests that you will need to take in order to gain admission into college. Researchers at Iowa State University found that obtaining high scores and taking advanced math classes in high school such as trigonometry translate into higher scores on college admissions tests, which can definitely boost your chances of getting acceptance letters.

Trigonometry is also a necessary prerequisite for taking higher-level math courses such as pre-calculus and calculus in many high schools. It helps students by expanding their understanding of the world around them while teaching them new ways of thinking. Trigonometric concepts help architects, aviators, oceanographers, cartographers and different types of engineers and many others with the tasks of their jobs.

When you are applying to colleges, admissions officers look at your transcripts to see what grades you obtained as well as what classes you took. Most colleges want students to complete a minimum of three years of high school math courses, and highly selective colleges want to see that students have taken four years of difficult math courses such as trigonometry. If you take this course and obtain an A in it, it will show the admissions officers who are reviewing your applications that you are prepared for the level of work that will be expected of you in college. Since taking trigonometry can also help raise your standardized test scores, it can have a secondary impact on your college application file by also helping you obtain a higher standardized score in addition to showing that you have what it takes to do well in your college math classes.

The Going Ivy Difference: Trigonometry Tutoring

At Going Ivy, we are better than our competitors for many reasons. We have world-class tutors who are the best in the industry. Our approach is focused on helping you obtain the best results possible, and we do not use identical methods with every student. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that works with trigonometry tutoring and college admissions. All students are unique, possessing different strengths, needs, personal attributes and learning styles. Our trigonometry tutors take the time to get to know you so they can learn these individual attributes that make you who you are. This helps them to design and implement the lesson plans that will provide you with the most help so that you can master trigonometry and the concepts that underlie it.

The Going Ivy team is focused on helping you become more confident and motivated as you work to obtain the best results you can. We focus on helping you engage with the concepts of trigonometry and understand why it is important to you both in school and in life.

Modern high school students are constantly juggling different tasks, jobs and activities, leaving them with very little time to even sleep. You may think that it will be too difficult to find the time to devote to your studies of trigonometry. In order to make the process easier for you, our trigonometry tutoring services are flexible and convenient. We have on-the-ground tutors who are able to meet with you at your chosen location. You can also choose to receive your trigonometry tutoring help at our Phoenix academic counseling and tutoring center. We also offer trigonometry tutoring by video conferencing with trigonometry tutors who are current students at the country’s top schools, including the colleges of the Ivy League. This allows our students to master trigonometry while also learning more about life on the campuses of highly exclusive schools. Our tutors also know that many students have questions about trigonometry that might arise in between their sessions. We can answer your questions at any time by phone, text or email.

Contact Going Ivy Today

You can take advantage of having a free, no-obligation consultation with the Going Ivy team. We offer this to prospective students so that you can make a more-informed decision about choosing us for your trigonometry tutoring. During your appointment, we will ask you the types of questions that help us to learn more about you and your goals. Our trigonometry tutors will then design a lesson plan that is tailored to meet your specific needs and that works for your learning style. Call us today to learn more about our trigonometry tutoring services.

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