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Many high schools in Phoenix offer students the option of taking AP history and government classes. There are many benefits to taking these courses throughout your years of high school if you are able to do well. Because they are designed to offer students the same level of coursework that you might expect in your introductory college courses, AP history and government classes are very difficult for most high school students. In order to earn the best grades that you can and to pass your subsequent AP exams with high scores, you might benefit by getting help from the expert AP history and government tutors at Going Ivy.

Going Ivy’s Help with AP History and Government Tutoring

The team at Going Ivy has experience helping students from high schools throughout Phoenix and Arizona with their tutoring needs and college admissions goals. Graduates of Xavier and Brophy College Prep as well as the nation’s most elite schools, we understand what it takes to earn top grades and to gain admission into highly exclusive schools. Our team includes AP history and government classes tutors who are the best in the industry. They know how to communicate difficult concepts so that you grasp them and retain the information. They’ll also make the information interesting for those students who never considered the subjects relevant before. Our AP history and government tutors can help with all of the following classes and exams:

  • AP world history
  • AP U.S. history
  • AP U.S. government and politics
  • AP comparative government and politics
  • AP human geography
  • AP European history
  • AP microeconomics
  • AP macroeconomics

With the help of our highly skilled AP history and government tutors, you can earn great grades and stand out on your college applications.

The Importance of Taking AP History and Government Classes

There are numerous benefits to taking AP history and government classes in high school. If you want to go to college, a majority of schools award college credit to students who are able to pass their AP exams. Your AP history and government classes may also offer you the opportunity to obtain advanced placement in college as you skip past the introductory history and government classes in college. While the most highly selective colleges do not award college credit for passing AP tests, students are expected to take and excel in AP courses if their high schools offer them.

Because the AP classes and tests are designed to offer the same level of instruction that you can expect to receive in college, they are around 30 percent harder than the regular classes with more reading and writing and a faster pace through the material. Because these classes are difficult, it is important that you take the ones in which you are likeliest to do well so that they help your GPA and your chances of gaining admission into college. Getting advanced instruction in your AP history and government courses in high school can also help you to be better prepared for college and to do better on your SAT and ACT tests, where reading and interpreting historical writing will definitely be included, and many writing prompts will have a historical context.

The Going Ivy Difference: Expert AP History and Government Tutoring

If you need help with your AP history and government classes, you may have discovered that there are several companies that advertise their offers to tutor you in these classes, but few are true experts. Going Ivy should be your top choice because of how we stand out from the rest. Many companies and their AP history and government tutors use cookie-cutter instructional methods with all of their students. Our experience has demonstrated to us that using tailored approaches for all of our students helps them to achieve better outcomes.

Our AP history and government tutors begin by conducting in-depth, thorough assessments of you. This helps them to discover your individual learning style, your starting point, your strengths and your needs. They can then design lesson plans that are individualized to your needs without repeating information that you have already mastered. This approach helps to accelerate your learning so that you can stay ahead of your class and earn the best scores of which you are capable.

We are always focused on helping you to stay motivated while you learn. Students who are more engaged in their classes do better in them. Many students aren’t that interested in history or government, so learning the material doesn’t seem important. With the right tutor, you will connect to the material and want to learn it. By helping you to ignite your personal motivation to achieve your goals and matching you with an eager expert on the subject, we may be better able to help you to earn As in your AP history and government classes and fives on your corresponding AP exams.

Going Ivy also prides itself on its convenience. You can choose to come into our conveniently located academic tutoring center in our Phoenix headquarters to get help with your AP history and government classes. We also have on-the-ground tutors who are able to work around your schedule to schedule your AP history and government classes tutoring at your own preferred location. Going Ivy offers students the ability to receive tutoring in their AP history and government classes by video conferences with our embedded tutors who are students at some of the nation’s top schools, including institutions such as Princeton and Stanford. With this option, you can be tutored anywhere at which you have Wifi access while also being able to ask your tutor about life at their particular colleges.

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Going Ivy works with students from all backgrounds, including students who do not want to get into Ivy League schools as well as those who do. We realize that choosing the right AP history and government classes tutors is important to your ability to achieve great grades and test scores. In order to help you decide whether or not we are the right fit for you, we offer you the chance to have a free, no-obligation consultation with us. We will be happy to give you any information that you need so that you can make an informed decision. We will also try to learn more about you so that we can get started with creating your individualized plan. Call Going Ivy to schedule your consultation and learn more about the services that we offer.

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