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Many high schools in the greater Phoenix area offer advanced placement English classes as options to their students. These courses are rigorous and similar to the type of material that you could expect to encounter in your introductory college classes. If you dream of getting accepted into an elite college or university, taking AP English classes is important and can help to strengthen your applications. It is important for you to earn high grades in your AP English classes and to aim to score fives on your corresponding AP English exams. Because of the difficulty of the material, you may want to get help from one of the highly skilled AP English tutors at Going Ivy. With our help, you may develop a rich knowledge base that can help you to achieve better outcomes in your classes and other standardized tests.

How Going Ivy Helps with AP English Tutoring

Going Ivy is made up of a team of people who graduated from Xavier and Brophy College Prep and the top colleges and universities in the U.S., including Harvard. We have former admissions officers, academic experts, admissions counselors and world-class tutors on our team. Our AP English tutors are subject-matter experts who have excellent teaching abilities. They understand how to explain difficult concepts to you in an easily digestible and memorable way. Our AP English tutors help students who are attending public, private and charter high schools throughout Phoenix and the state, and we have a record of success in helping our students to earn As in their AP English classes and fives on their AP English exams.

The Importance of High-Quality AP English Tutoring

Taking AP English classes in your junior and senior year of high school can offer you multiple benefits. According to the Department of Defense, AP English literature senior students had graduation rates that were 62 percent higher than did their peers. The College Board reports that taking AP English classes can ultimately open the doors to 82 different career paths and 23 different college majors. Admissions directors at exclusive colleges want to see that students have taken the most rigorous classes available at their schools and have done well in them. This means that taking and doing well in AP English classes may hold more weight than not challenging yourself and taking regular English classes in high school.

For less-selective colleges, the College Board reports that taking AP English and other AP classes can give you the ability to earn college credit, skip past the introductory college courses and build the types of skills that you will need when you attend college. If you are able to earn As in your AP English classes and fives on your AP English tests, you may also earn higher ACT and SAT scores or be in a good position to take the SAT subject test in English literature and strengthen your college applications.

The Going Ivy Difference: Expert Help with Your AP English Classes

If you are trying to find an AP English tutor, you may have seen multiple companies offering to tutor in AP English classes along with books that you can purchase. Choosing Going Ivy for your AP English tutoring needs is the best option for several reasons. We use an industry-leading, results-driven approach to help each one of our students. Our AP English tutors are among the top scholars in their field and have extensive knowledge levels of English grammar, composition, literature and the requirements of the AP courses.

Many companies use the same approaches to tutoring students repeatedly. We understand that students enjoy better outcomes when they instead have their instruction tailored to their individual needs rather than their tutors using the same approach as they use with all students. Our AP English class tutors begin with a thorough assessment of you, your personality, and your base level of knowledge and writing abilities. This helps them to identify your areas of strength, your areas of need and your learning style. Our tutors use that information to design individualized lesson plans that will provide you with the most help and accelerate your learning.

Students have different levels of motivation. It is common for students to gradually become less motivated as time passes, especially for classes with lots of reading and writing required. Our AP English tutors work to ignite your motivation so that you can enjoy a better chance of achieving your goals in your AP English classes and on your AP exams. Students who are able to maintain high levels of motivation are likelier to be successful because of their engagement in the material and in their classes.

Our tutors work to make their services convenient to you by being flexible. We have tutors who are able to come to your home or a different location to tutor you in your AP English class material. We also have an academic tutoring and counseling center in Phoenix where you can receive your AP English tutoring help. Some students like our AP English tutoring services offered by video conferences with our embedded tutors who are current students at the top colleges in the country, including the Ivy League schools. This option also allows you to learn a little more about life on an elite college campus from your AP English tutor while you are learning the material.

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